Yanacocha Renews Partnership with South Senati Trade School

Since 2005, Yanacocha has partnered with the South Senati Trade School in Cajamarca to support the education of students studying mechanical maintenance and machinery. In addition to providing the specialized equipment for the students to train on, Yanacocha offers internships at its operations, where the students can get hands-on career training and experience.

“Yanacocha equipped a workshop at Senati for the heavy duty machinery maintenance classes, but most importantly, students can do their internship in the workshops of the mining company, where there is state-of-the-art technology and professionals recognized worldwide,” said Isidro Oyola, General Manager of the Yanacocha mine.

Yanacocha renewed its agreement with the school, recently committing another three years of mutual collaboration and continued contributions to the technical education of students in the field of heavy duty machinery maintenance.

Edward Alejandro Ponce Ramos, who took heavy duty machinery maintenance at Senati, told us about his experience. He has yet to finish his studies and is already working for a company that provides services to mines throughout Peru. Edward highlighted the positive impact that companies can have when they enter into this type of agreement. “This program gives young people the opportunity to change their lives for the better.”


The partnership, which has been ongoing for 11 years, has helped 398 Cajamarca students finish their studies with 93 percent employability – more than half of them currently working for companies in the mining and construction industry.

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