Yanacocha Recognized for Commitment to Educational Excellence

Newmont’s Yanacocha operation was one of 47 organizations named by Peru’s Ministry of Education as a Partner in Education for its commitment to improving the quality of schools, colleges and universities.

The Ministry of Education, through its Inter-Institutional Relations Office (ORI), recognized Yanacocha’s contribution to education through its community foundation, Asociación Los Andes de Cajamarca (ALAC). Since 2014, the Partners in Education distinction has been awarded to private sector companies, civil society organizations and government associations that contribute to implementing educational policies prioritized by the government. ALAC’s Entrepreneurship Education project promotes employability and entrepreneurship skills by connecting students from local educational institutions with mentors from regional businesses.

As part of its social investment program, Yanacocha regularly invests in programs to improve equality and the quality of life in Cajamarca. Yanacocha has helped establish 125 educational institutions and invested in building 18 schools and 280 school libraries. In addition, 60 university scholarships have been granted to local students and 14 students have received scholarships to pursue graduate studies abroad. Schools in the region have seen a three percent decline in grade repetition as a result of Yanacocha’s commitment to education in Cajamarca.

Jaime Saavedra, Peru’s Minister of Education, thanked the award recipients for their contributions to sustainable development, adding that their participation is helping to move the country toward educational excellence.

To learn more about Newmont’s commitment to engaging with host communities, creating value and improving lives through sustainable and responsible mining, please read our sustainability report, Beyond the Mine.

VP, General Manager & Corporate Affairs from Newmont South America, Javier Velarde, holding the prize with former Minister of Education, Jaime Saavedra.