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Why Newmont North America’s Regional Senior Vice President Believes in Understanding Local Cultures and Histories

Regional Senior Vice President Andrew Woodley in his own words, in the first of a four-part series.

When I was 11 or 12, I traveled around Australia with my family. I remember passing through some of the more remote places – and realizing that mining was a big part of those communities and, really, Australia as a whole.

After that trip with my family, the importance of mining kept popping up in different conversations. I realized it was such a fundamental industry, and one with a breadth of opportunities. That led me to a degree in mining engineering and, later, an MBA focused on the industry’s connection to the economy and finance.

I’ve had some fantastic experiences along the way – from prospecting with a smaller operation in northern Ontario to leading the largest mining company in Mongolia. Every place is different, whether you’re in Australia or Mozambique, in America or Mongolia. To do mining right, you have to take the time to understand the cultures and histories of those places, so that you can deliver for shareholders as well as for the host communities. I feel so fortunate for the opportunity to work in so many different cultures but the real privilege is to have worked with so many amazing people and experience their diverse cultures. So many life lessons of listening, respect, humility and the ability to make a difference through our work is inspirational.

“Inclusion sets Newmont up to be a truly successful international company.”

Professional and cultural background differences make for a better workplace and business. We seek to make our workplace consistent with the fabric of local society to learn and challenge each other to grow. It’s important that we embrace different perspectives and diversity. To not embrace the opportunity to learn from different genders, cultures, experiences and backgrounds is a missed opportunity. Inclusion in the broadest sense sets Newmont up to be a truly successful international company.

A culture of diversity and difference also reinforces our key Newmont values: Safety, Integrity, Sustainability, Inclusion and Responsibility. I hear those values coming up in conversations naturally, and that gives me a great sense of where we’re heading as a business and how special it is to be able to work for Newmont. Both openness and the willingness to embrace our values position us for a great future.

Going forward, I see growth. In North America, for example, we have good assets and good prospects. With our exploration program – looking at the broader Leeville area, Twin Underground, Long Canyon, Cripple Creek & Victor – we can further extend our opportunities and resources. It’s an exciting time in Canada and Mexico, too, and we’re in a real position of strength with new opportunities opening up.

I’ve worked around the world and have had a variety of jobs in the industry. When I joined Newmont, one thing that struck me was the quality of people and the strong work ethic and the way our values are brought to life in all we do. As a team, we’re building an open, positive culture. I see us operating with humility and openness – working strongly as a team, supporting our communities and families – well into the future. It’s a great time to be with Newmont.