Supporting Suppliers in Suriname Fosters Socio-economic Development

Investing in the local economy is one of the many ways that we promote self-determined development in the communities surrounding our Merian mine. Enlisting resident suppliers allows us to build relationships with these stakeholders and increase their long-term capacity.

Our Merian team begins the sourcing process by publishing advertisements in local newspapers, bulletin boards and on the radio. Members of our Supply Chain department also lead community workshops to engage residents and inform them of our standards, needs and goals. Merian then ensures that local entrepreneurs and businesses are given investment priority before engaging suppliers abroad.

Improving community infrastructure and mine access also creates mutual value. Along with maintaining roadways and funding waterway projects, Merian also provides trucks to deliver vendors’ goods to the mine, aids suppliers in registering with the Chamber of Commerce, and helps emerging businesses create bank accounts.

Merian’s contractors represent various trades and disciplines including carpentry, agriculture, plumbing, transportation, landscaping and more. Hiring, sourcing and training vendors and entrepreneurs to meet our high standards ensures that our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to supporting local suppliers, Merian remains committed to Suriname’s broader socio-economic development and the well being of its people. Our skills training programs, for example, educate and empower aspiring entrepreneurs, while our ongoing partnership with Denver’s Project C.U.R.E. delivers medical care and equipment to residents in need.