Risk Management Lies at the Core of Workplace Safety

In recognition of National Safety Month, we are adding our voice to the conversation around safety by taking a deeper dive into the key drivers behind our journey toward zero harm.

Central to our efforts to eliminate fatalities is identifying risks that can lead to serious injuries.

Our Fatality Risk Management program launched in 2016 and is focused on clearly identifying critical controls that can minimize top risks. Some of these top risks include mobile equipment and vehicle accidents, working in confined spaces or at heights, exposure to energy releases and electricity, lifting heavy loads, and mine wall failures. Newmont held workshops to develop a global set of visual representations of the connections between hazards and their consequences, and identified critical controls and performance criteria for the top 16 fatality risks across the business.

The general managers at each of our operations are held accountable for implementing controls, verifying them and reporting on their effectiveness. Joep Coenen, General Manager (GM) at the Ahafo mine in Ghana, understands the need for this operational oversight: “All Newmont GMs have sponsored at least one of the recognized global top fatality risks and are tasked with developing a strategy to address them. This approach will help drive strong ownership throughout the operations and generate practical input, which is absolutely critical for the Fatality Risk Management program to succeed and for us to eliminate fatalities from our business.”

Conducting quality event investigations and ensuring lessons are truly learned and not just shared is also essential in preventing fatalities.

In 2016 we developed fatality risk standards and formed a governance framework, which includes a steering committee, to ensure we implement effective controls and conduct work in compliance with the standards.

Our work to achieve zero harm is work that never ends and we are committed to a system of continuous improvement on our journey to safety. Next week, we will continue our series on safety by sharing insight on how increased employee engagement fuels safer behaviors in the workplace.