Yanacocha operates with integrity, trust and respect to create not only profitable production but also generate sustainable development and opportunity in the region.

Asociación Los Andes de Cajamarca (ALAC)

Yanacocha created ALAC, an organization that promotes sustainable development in the Cajamarca region, in line with Yanacocha’s principles of social responsibility. ALAC activities are focused in three key areas: entrepreneurial development, institutional capacity building and human capital development.


We focus our attention on issues that will improve the health and wellbeing of our local communities. Yanacocha has constructed and expanded water systems, latrines and infrastructure to improve health access in the Cajamarca region. We also have funded programs to reduce malnutrition and increase food production.


Farming is one of the main economic activities in Cajamarca and Yanacocha has joined forces with other institutions to promote and improve livestock management in the region. The private, nonprofit organization was established in 1999 and assists with training, installation of improved pastures, livestock care education and construction of infrastructure for community gardens.

Economic Development

Yanacocha supports an array of initiatives and programs aimed at promoting local and regional development of agriculture, forestry, artisanal crafts and others. Priority development projects include local capacity building and maintenance of road infrastructure to facilitate market access in rural areas.

Our Livestock Development Program improved pastures, animal health and uses innovative technology to increase herd size. More than 300 local artisans received training to help introduce their products to market

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