Safety on our ranches and rangeland is as much of a focus as it is at our mine sites. On our ranches we have eight rules to ensure the safety of our cowboys, farmers, ranchers and visitors, as well as our livestock, horses, equipment, and rangelands and farmlands:

  1. We keep our equipment and facilities safe and in good repair.
  2. We handle our cattle quietly and efficiently using low-stress livestock handling techniques.
  3. Our cowboys are highly trained, experienced professionals, skilled in their trade. We do not hire “Wannabes.”
  4. Our cowboys’ gear is of high quality and kept in good repair. We use the right tools for the job.
  5. We do not use free “weekenders” to help out. We only “neighbor” with professional ranchers like ourselves.
  6. We don’t ride tired, worn down horses. Each cowboy is assigned a sufficient number of trained horses to his string to keep them fresh, healthy and safe.
  7. We breed, raise and train our own horses. They are bred to be very trainable, good-minded athletes, with lots of “cow sense".
  8. We stress “SAFE” work habits and livestock handling.