We use best practices to manage storm water, prevent pollution and protect wildlife. Careful monitoring of air, water quality and quantity, wildlife populations and habitat are key to protecting these resources. Monitoring reports are routinely and regularly submitted to various regulatory agencies.

Compliance and ReportingEXPAND [ + ]

Newmont Goldcorp’s Cripple Creek and Victor (CC&V) sites, facilities and projects are subject to state and federal environmental regulations. Newmont Goldcorp has a staff of environmental professionals and technicians to manage these regulations appropriately and carry out the company’s standards of environmental stewardship.

Closure and ReclamationEXPAND [ + ]

Colorado’s unique and varied natural landscape is an attribute that Newmont Goldcorp is committed to help protect for the enjoyment of future generations. In order to do this, planning for closure starts at the development stages of all projects. Additionally, concurrent reclamation is practiced throughout the mine life to revegetate and stabilize disturbed areas as soon as possible to provide habitat for wildlife and avoid erosion.

Community Outreach and EducationEXPAND [ + ]

CC&V has organized noxious weed identification and management programs with local residents that raise awareness of weed problems in and around the city of Victor. The site has also worked for several years with the Cresson Elementary and Catamount Institute “Young Environmental Stewards” (YES) Clubs of the Pikes Peak Region to reclaim an abandoned gravel site now called “Ceylon Beard’s” in honor of the local resident who homesteaded there. The site has become an experiential learning station for local kids on planting ponderosa pine, building birdhouses and bat houses, creating small animal habitat, and studying macroinvertebrates.