The health and safety of our employees and community is a part of Newmont Goldcorp’s values, and we have several programs onsite to achieve a healthy, zero harm environment.


Ahafo employees and contractors discuss Newmont Goldcorp's Vital Behaviors program.

Certification OHSAS 18001EXPAND [ + ]

Ahafo has been OSHAS 18001 certified since 2010. We were recertified in June, 2013. OSHAS 18001 is an Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series that helps organizations control occupational health and safety risks.

Leadership Safety Team MeetingsEXPAND [ + ]

Our monthly leadership safety meetings engage and align our Africa regional leadership around our health and safety goals. The meetings also embed the desired safety culture while providing a platform for recognising and celebrating our safety achievements and sharing best practices.

Safety InteractionsEXPAND [ + ]

As we progress on our journey to zero harm, our leaders regularly interact with employees about our safety values, challenges and successes. Together with our employees, they identify and correct unsafe behaviors.

Talking SafetyEXPAND [ + ]

This site-wide initiative addresses safety issues that are identified by employees. Employees are encouraged to relay issues to a “talking safety coordinator” who works with our Health, Safety and Loss Prevention team members to implement corrective measures. This initiative has raised the safety consciousness of our employees and contractors This programme improves our ability to address safety issues t the work place before they result in an accident.

Vital Behaviors EXPAND [ + ]

The Vital Behaviors programme encourages our workforce to adopt lifestyles that promote safety at work and at home. The Ahafo Mine runs a series of programmes to motivate employees to choose safe behaviors. Recent efforts have covered topics ranging from office behavior to road rules and safety at home.

Community Safety CompetitionsEXPAND [ + ]

To create awareness about personal safety and educate local communities about first-aid, we organize annual first-aid safety competitions. These competitions are also replicated in other mining communities under the auspices of the Ghana Chamber of Mines and the Minerals Commission.

Community Road Safety EXPAND [ + ]

We carry out road safety campaigns within our ten host communities to teach safe road behaviors and prevent accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians. Primarily aimed at school children, the programme uses school teachers to encourage safe behaviors while walking on or near high-traffic streets in the community.

Malaria ProgrammesEXPAND [ + ]

Like many sub-Saharan African nations, Ghanaian communities are susceptible to malaria. Our community health team conducts regular malaria control programmes for our staff and local communities. In addition to informational campaigns, we also distribute treated mosquito nets, insecticide spray and repellents.

Emergency Response TeamEXPAND [ + ]

Our Ahafo Emergency Responses Team (ERT) comprises site-based personnel trained to handle emergency response management and procedures on site. The team runs a 12-hour shift system and attends to all emergency issues at the mine, and sometimes off the mine site when additional help is needed. They maintain site emergency response capability through regular exercises and training.