Ahafo adheres to the highest standards of national and internationally accepted environmental practices. Consistent with Newmont Goldcorp’s commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, we strive to ensure that our employees and contractors abide by standards that are protective of both human health and the environment.

Reclamation is an essential part of Ahafo's operations.

Certification ISO 14001EXPAND [ + ]

We have been ISO14001 certified since 2010. ISO 14001 is a benchmark for which top international companies are assessed to ensure adherence to the highest environmental standards. Ahafo was recertified for ISO 14001 in June 2013 for improved performance and showing leadership in responsible environmental stewardship.

Cyanide CodeEXPAND [ + ]

The Ahafo mine is also certified under the International Cyanide Management Code. Subscription to the code is voluntary and represents best practice in cyanide management.

ReclamationEXPAND [ + ]

Reclamation is an essential part of our operations. We conduct reclamation concurrently during operations and also after closure of the mine. Our aim is to rehabilitate the environment to the benefit of local communities long after mining ends.

Ahafo’s concurrent reclamation began in 2009. Both native and exotic tree species have been planted and more than 22 hectares have been reclaimed as of the end of 2012.

Our reclamation and mine engineering teams collaborate on long-term planning for revegetation programs, as well as weed and soil control.

Monitoring and ComplianceEXPAND [ + ]

The Ahafo Mine adheres to all legal requirements, environmental standards, policies and procedures. We work closely with government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and WRC to develop, implement and audit environmental programmes.

Water Storage FacilityEXPAND [ + ]

At Ahafo, we monitor and report on water and air quality, noise and blast levels as part of our commitment to responsible environmental practices.

Our Ahafo Water Storage Facility (WSF), a fresh water dam built to provide supplementary fresh water for the mine’s processing plant, is closely monitored to ensure the water quality and level is compliant with the EPA’s approved standards. In addition, Ahafo’s environmental laboratory provides on-site laboratory analyses and environmental data evaluation. We collaborate with regulators, consultants and researchers on various projects, including ecological studies of the WSF and noise impact studies. Our collaboration with these bodies also ensures fulfillment of our regulatory obligations and implementation of environmental best practices.

To ensure the safety and free movement of people around the WSF, we have erected warning signs and also conduct regular patrols and community education. We also operate an Integrated Waste Management Facility to manage our hazardous waste streams in an environmentally responsible manner.

Environmental Control Dams (ECDs)EXPAND [ + ]

The ECDs are sediment control structures that have been constructed downstream of the operation to impound turbid runoff water and allow the sediment to settle before release into the environment. This helps minimize sediment flow into streams and prevent flooding. To ensure the safety and free movement of people around the ECDs, we have erected warning signs and also conduct regular patrols and community education.

Counter Current Decantation Circuit (CCDs)EXPAND [ + ]

The Counter Current Decantation Circuit is used to dilute the standard levels within the process waste before it is pumped into the tailings dam. This ensures that the level of active cyanide at the tailings dam is very low and within approved regulatory limits.