The Ahafo mine operates within ten host communities in Asutifi North and Tano North districts of the Brong Ahafo Region. Our host communities are Ntotroso, Kenyasi No. 1, Kenyasi No. 2, Gyedu, Wamahinso, Susuanso, Terchire, Yamfo, Afirisipakrom and Adrobaa.


The Newmont Goldcorp Ahafo Development Foundation supports local sustainable community development projects.

Traditional leaders and other key stakeholders play an important role in our local communities. Through frequent engagement with these stakeholders, we work to create sustainable development programs and build long-term shared value.

Our community information offices, located in our 10 host communities, provide day-to-day information about operations, as well as business and employment opportunities. Community members can register complaints and grievances, which are addressed through our formalized reporting mechanism.

Stakeholder Engagements and Consultations EXPAND [ + ]

The Ahafo community relations team regularly meets with local youth associations, women’s groups, Queen Mothers, assemblymen and women, unit committee members, traditional leaders, Stool land owners and the sub-chiefs in the project-affected communities.

Social Responsibility ForumEXPAND [ + ]

In line with our commitment to transparent communication and regular engagement with stakeholders, we established the Ahafo Social Responsibility Forum in 2006. The Forum, made up of traditional authorities, local and regional government officials, community representatives and non-governmental organizations, meets every month to deliberate and respond to the needs and interests of the host communities. The Forum is the highest decision making body in terms of general policy direction related to the Ahafo Social Responsibility Agreement.

The Ahafo Social Responsibility Agreement comprises the Relationship, Employment and Foundation agreements we have entered into with our Ahafo host communities. The Forum is moderated by Professor Daniel Mireku Gyimah, a former Vice Chancellor of Ghana's University of Mines & Technology and co-moderated by Ambassador Kwame Saraah Mensah, an Ahafo native, former diplomat and Minister of State.

Women’s Consultative Committee (WCC)EXPAND [ + ]

We established the Women’s Consultative Committee (WCC) in 2008 mainly to enhance women’s participation in decision making. Made up of 95 members, the committee includes queen mothers and elected representatives of all community women and women’s groups/ associations within the Ahafo mine’s catchment area. The WCC has set up a revolving fund to economically empower women in Newmont Goldcorp’s host communities. WCC members and other women in our communities access loans from the fund to support economic self-sufficiency and independence.

Newmont Goldcorp Ahafo Development Foundation (NADeF)EXPAND [ + ]

Following extensive consultation with our host communities, we established the Newmont Goldcorp Ahafo Development Foundation (NADeF) to support local sustainable community development projects in the 10 communities near the mine. Newmont Goldcorp contributes US$1 per ounce of gold sold and one percent of the net profit from the Ahafo mine to NADeF.

To date, NADeF has accrued more than $17 million. Through community driven development decisions, as of September 2014 the Fund has constructed and handed over about 63 infrastructure projects, while more than 4,900 educational scholarships have been awarded to students pursuing senior high school and tertiary education.

Resettlement Negotiation CommitteeEXPAND [ + ]

Newmont Goldcorp works closely with communities, government agencies and non-profit organizations to restore the livelihoods of those impacted by our operations, while improving the quality of life of impacted community members who have been resettled and relocated due to the Ahafo Mine's expansion.

Impacted residents are resettled after an agreement is reached between members of the Resettlement Negotiation Committee (RNC), made up of representatives of the impacted residents, traditional leaders, government agencies, non-profit organizations and Newmont Goldcorp. In addition to the legally mandated compensation package, we have instituted a number of livelihood support interventions to assist impacted members of local communities to help secure their livelihoods.

Agricultural Improvement and Land Access Program (AILAP)EXPAND [ + ]

Our Agricultural Improvement and Land Access Program (AILAP), a post-resettlement mitigation initiative, assists farmers directly impacted by Ahafo’s operations to re-establish their agricultural livelihoods. Through AILAP, we assist impacted farmers to acquire new lands and then provide free farm inputs and professional agricultural extension services. The program has recorded several successes since its inception including the honoring of a beneficiary of our AILAP program as one of the country’s overall best plantain farmers.

Vulnerable People’s Programme (VPP)EXPAND [ + ]

The Vulnerable People’s Programme (VPP) provides food assistance and access to health care and education. The programme is one of Newmont Goldcorp’s mitigation packages aimed at cushioning households within our impacted communities who may experience severe transitional hardships due to the mine. We assist the beneficiaries to become self-sufficient within a maximum four year period. This voluntary package is in addition to the compensation and resettlement packages paid to persons whose land or farms have been earmarked for mining purposes.

Skill Development for Income Improvement Programme (SDIIP)EXPAND [ + ]

Our Skills Development for Income Improvement Programme (SDIIP) provides vocational and animal husbandry training. SDIIP supports agricultural (animal and poultry production), income generating activities (soap, bread and mushroom production) and vocational and technical training for beneficiaries.

Ahafo Linkages Program (ALP)EXPAND [ + ]

In February 2007, we signed a cooperation agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to jointly establish and implement the Ahafo Linkages Program (ALP). The ALP supports our commitment to improve the economic conditions of members of our host communities through increased income and employment opportunities.

We do this through capacity building programs such as the Local Suppliers Development, which builds the capacity of selected local Micro, Small, and Medium Scale Enterprises so they are well positioned to secure contracts (on a competitive basis) from the Ahafo Mine and other national and regional companies. Through the Ahafo Linkages Program, about 400 local businesses have received contracts from the Ahafo mine. The program has won a number of awards including the Young Enterprise (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) Company of the year 2012, awarded to a beneficiary company, Alexiboam Ltd by the Association of Ghana Industries. The World Business Council on Sustainable Development also acknowledges the ALP as a best practice. The program has received two corporate awards and an employee award from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Africa awards.