Non-Existence of Mining Work at "El Perol" is Confirmed


Demonstrators burned erosion control mesh. During the "inspection" it was found that the Perol Lake is intact and that work being done in the area is for prevention.

Regrettable acts of violence occurred today in a so-called inspection carried out in the area of the "El Perol" Lake by a group of approximately 450 people, including Congressman Jorge Rimarachín. In their attempt to "inspect" the area, a group of demonstrators set fire to a biodegradable blanket whose sole function is to control erosion.

This demonstration confirmed what Yanacocha and authorities in the Agua Blanca area, located very close to the "El Perol" lake, have been explaining in recent days with regard to alleged mining works in the site: in face of the imminent arrival of the "El Niño" phenomenon, prevention work is being performed in the area to avoid landslides that may affect the population.

The burning of this biodegradable blanket is another act of violence perpetrated under the pretext of inspections to verify nonexistent work in different areas of the Conga Project, stalled since November 2011.

Prevention work at the "Perol" site would be completed by the end of October. As a member of the Regional Civil Defense Platform, Yanacocha will continue working together with authorities to prevent disasters during the "El Niño" phenomenon.

Cajamarca, October 20, 2015
Yanacocha Communications Office