Yanacocha Provides Details on Property Invasion - November 29, 2016


Yanacocha informs the public opinion as follows:

  • This morning, at approximately 11:00 a.m., a group of 200 people broke into company property in the area of the Conga project, for the purpose of carrying out a so-called inspection in the area of the project, where no work is being performed since 2011.
  • This group of people damaged the access gate and illegally entered the property, heading to Peron Lake, where they remained for 5 hours.
  • Congressman Marco Arana, who in the morning had announced on a local radio station that he would participate in this raid, was identified among the group of people who illegally entered the property.
  • We regret that Congressman Marco Arana, as an elected authority, enters privately owned land without permission, validating this type of illegals acts with his presence.
  • It should be noted that the checkpoint which was damaged is located on a road built by Yanacocha, inside its property. It is not a public road or even less an ancient path, which has also been already confirmed on several occasions by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Prosecutor’s Office of Bambamarca.
  • We condemn these types of break-ins that violate the right to property and seek to alter the public tranquility, at a time when Cajamarca needs union and everyone's effort to improve the conditions of life of the population.

Cajamarca, November 29, 2016
Communications Office