Yanacocha Asks Chaupe Family to Stop Illegally Building on Company Property and Engage in Good-Faith Dialogue

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Employees safely removed new structure built on company land without confrontation.

Yanacocha today called upon the Chaupe family to stop illegally building new structures on property not under dispute and legally documented as belonging to Yanacocha, and to finally join the company in a good-faith dialogue to resolve previous land disputes currently under review in the Peruvian courts.

Reaffirming its strong commitment to human rights of all citizens, through respect, care and promotion of those rights, Yanacocha has repeatedly tried and asked to find a negotiated and satisfactory solution to the land dispute with Chaupe family. Despite continuous invitations to the family, the company has not been able to engage in a constructive and respectful dialogue with them.

On April 18 there was a new invasion of Yanacocha property by the Chaupe family. This time, they built a structure of 2x3 meters outside the area currently occupied by the family that is still under trial. The company relayed its concern to the Chaupe family regarding the new construction, which further hinders efforts to establish a dialogue that the company has been promoting. That is why today company employees, peacefully and without any violence, removed the new structure, similar to the events of February this year.

Yanacocha took this action without the presence of the police in the area, and only had the presence of unarmed guards from company security. Nor was there the presence of a prosecutor, as a land possession defense made within 15 days is an act that can be legitimately made by the aggrieved person or entity.

The company has taken this action within its property, peacefully defending its rights and absolutely within the law. Yanacocha reiterates that it has acted to protect the physical integrity and human rights of our workers and Chaupe family members, who do not have legal authorization to expand their presence in areas owned by the company.

Yanacocha is willing to provide all information on the case, in order to support their actions and to counter the disinformation campaign tied to this matter.

Cajamarca, April 29, 2015
Communications Office