Newmont Golden Ridge Limited


In fulfillment of Newmont Golden Ridge Limited (NGRL) commitment to enhance the livelihood of its project communities, the company has begun an implementation of an agricultural assistance programme dubbed Agricultural Improvement and Land Access Programme (AILAP).

The programme is geared towards increasing crop production and food security for Project Persons (farmers who were compensated for cropped land) in the project communities.

The implementation of the programme comprises of about 1,800 farmers from nine (9) communities in the project communities and are eligible to receive project support in terms of training in farming skill enhancement, farm input provision and cash incentive to help defray farms management costs.

AILAP is designed and sponsored by NGRL to ensure food security in the Akyem mine area and Birim North District by supporting Project Affected Farmers to produce more food.

This programme is also part of the Livelihood Enhancement Programme and is being implemented in addition to compensation requirement, as the company’s commitment to enhancing the livelihood security of Project Affected Persons (PAPs).

The duration of AILAP is three years and so far a total of 861Project Affected Farmers have expressed interest in joining the programme. The target number of farmers to be covered each year in 600 and since its implementation this year, 416 farmers have so far benefitted from skill training through MoFA and OLIVES extension personnel and Agro inputs (planting materials, fertilizer). Beneficiaries have been supplied with the required quantity of input for their respective eligible farm sizes.

The programme which also aim at providing local business have so far engaged a total of twenty-six (26) local-local input contractors to supply various quantities of the required farm input. In addition to this, a total of 28 light vehicles have also been contracted to facilitate the transportation of the farm input into the farms and monitoring purpose.

Having achieved 84% of eligible beneficiaries in the very first season of the implementation, AILAP is set to accomplish targets in succeeding seasons.

The Akyem Project is a development project of Newmont Golden Ridge in the Briim North District of the Eastern Region. Newmont Ghana Gold, which operates the Ahafo Mine in the Brong Ahafo Region, is one of the five core operating districts of Newmont Mining Corporation, one of the largest gold mining companies in the world.