New Acts of Violence on Yanacocha's Property

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Again, a group of demonstrators destroyed, stole, and trespassed on private property. Unfortunately, a member of Peruvian Congress was present when these illegal acts occurred.

A group of approximately 150 demonstrators trespassed again on Yanacocha’s property and attacked the facilities of the Alpaca breeding project that Yanacocha is carrying out in the Conga Project area and benefits 80 families from the Chugurmayo y Uñigán Pululo communities. The demonstrators destroyed the fence built to protect the Alpacas and stole around 700 meters long of wire, stakes, geomembrane, and wooden posts.

We were very sad to prove that the mob which caused these acts of violence was accompanied at all times by a member of Congress, Jorge Rimarachín.

This is the third time that a group of protesters attacks the Alpaca breeding project facilities. A month ago, a group of demonstrators also broke down part of the fence and stole fencing material used for building the fences which protect the animals at night.

This attack was carried out under the pretext of proving the purported performance of mining work but, as previously announced by the company, it was confirmed once again that since November 2011 the company has not carried out any type of mining work within the entire Conga Project area.

Yanacocha rejects these illegal acts which are apparently intended to provoke the police and create conflicts in Cajamarca. Even so, once again we urge the population not to let these people take them unaware and to ensure adherence to the rule of law.

Cajamarca, August 11, 2015