January 19 Yanacocha Property Invasion


Today, Tuesday, January 19, 2016, a group of people stormed into Minera Yanacocha property under the pretext of conducting an inspection in the area of the Conga project, which project, as it is well known, is suspended since late 2011. These people are systematically entering Minera Yanacocha property despite not having the authority to order inspections and, on more than one occasion, have caused damage to our company´s private property. On this occasion, through the Cajamarca media we have learned of the intention of Mrs. Maxima Acuña de Chaupe - who maintains a land dispute with Yanacocha- of donating an area of land for the construction of a new home for the self-proclaimed "guardians of the Lakes".  In this regard, we advise the authorities and the public opinion that the area occupied by Mrs. Acuña de Chaupe, located between the Cocanez hills and Minas Conga, district of Sorochuco, province of Celendín, belongs to Minera Yanacocha, since it was legitimately acquired from its previous owners, as recorded in Public Records. Therefore, the donation that Mrs. Acuña de Chaupe intends to make would not have any legal effect on our property. It is important to recall, that the area illegally occupied the Chaupe Acuña family is partially affected by an injunction issued by the Court for Civil and Criminal Matters of Celendín, ordering THE Chaupe family members to not perform any actions (buildings, farming, among others) that disturb the possession of Minera Yanacocha, because they could be accused of disobeying the authority in the event of non-compliance.

Cajamarca, January 19, 2016

Communications Office