Yanacocha Peacefully Exercises Possessory Defense in the Chaquicocha Area


Refusal of Pajares family members to leave invaded area obligated the company to non-violently exercise its legal rights and respecting the rule of law

Due to Peruvian law requiring property owners to exercise possessory defenses within 15 days of their land being illegally occupied, Yanacocha this morning was obligated to peacefully exercise a possessory defense in response to the illegal invasion and occupation of its property on July 31 by members of the Pajares family. As previously reported, a group of people, some of whom identified as members of the family, illegally invaded and occupied Yanacocha’s property in an area located 400 meters from the Chaquicocha pit, an active mining area. The individuals built a makeshift hut and remained in the area, jeopardizing the safety of people and impacting the property and possession rights of the company.

With human rights observers from the company and police present, the possessory defense consisted of escorting the group off of the property and clearing the area where the makeshift hut had been built. These actions were carried out non-violently while respecting the safety and human rights of all those present. The presence of the national police was necessary to ensure the family, their companions and Yanacocha’s employees remained safe.

Despite three meetings (two initiated by the company and one by the Prefect of Cajamarca) to find a negotiated resolution to secure the peaceful withdrawal of the family, the members of the Pajares family refused to leave the property.

As previously disclosed, the company has full ownership and title to the area illegally invaded and occupied by the family members, which is not in dispute or subject to any legal action.

Yanacocha calls upon the Pajares family to stop engaging in this type of illegal activity which jeopardizes the safety of people and violates the legitimate property and possession rights of the company.

Cajamarca, August 11, 2017

Communications Office