Yanacocha Does Provide Opportunities To Cajamarcan Companies

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Raúl Farfán, director of External Affairs of Yanacocha, said that the company is working to provide more and better opportunities to local entrepreneurs.

"Between 2013 and 2014, more than 150 Cajamarca companies have worked with Yanacocha in an amount of approximately 85 million dollars (250 million soles)". This was emphasized by Raúl Farfán, director of External Affairs of Yanacocha, when addressing complaints of alleged discrimination to Cajamarca entrepreneurship.

As it is public knowledge, a group of 20 people led by businessmen Juan Morocho, Sabina Cercado and David Durán, blocked early this morning entry into the area of operations of Yanacocha with vans, combis and a platform. "This is a wrongful act. They have invaded private property with the intention of coercing us to sign employment contracts in an arbitrary manner, "said Farfán, who also said that they will not yield to any kind of blackmail and that the company is committed to dialogue.

"In the past seven years, including 2015, these people who are protesting today, form or have formed part of companies that have invoiced more than 20 million soles through different contracts. This refutes the fact that they say that opportunities have not been given to them, "said Farfán.

Regarding the allegations of these people indicating that Yanacocha would have hired two foreign companies to the detriment of local entrepreneurship, Farfan said that both the Consorcio HAUG-Obrainsa and OHL, won the bid to perform two specialized jobs. "Unfortunately, local and community businesses still do not meet the high degree of expertise, financial support, experience and guarantees that are required for these jobs in particular", the Yanacocha official said.

Raúl Farfán said that Yanacocha establishes guidelines for its non-Cajamarca contractors to promote the hiring of local labor, as well as the purchase of local goods and services. "OHL has, for example, 95 percent of Cajamarca staff and also outsources 95% of its total machinery. Also, 73% of HAUG-Obrainsa staff is from Cajamarca and outsources 77% of local machinery. Aren’t these job opportunities for Cajamarcans? ", he asked.

The official reiterated the need of dialogue without pressure or coercion. "The decline in our production does not allow us to give opportunities to all, but we do strive to always leave room for consensus and provide more opportunities to Cajamarca companies," he ended.

Cajamarca, June 16, 2015