Newmont Legacy Fund total for 2015 is highest ever

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ELKO, Oct. 22, 2014 – Celebrating the conclusion of its fifth annual Legacy Fund Employee Giving Campaign, Newmont Mining Corporation announced today that the latest company-matched donation pledges represent an all-time Legacy Fund high of $2.19 million. During the recent campaign, approximately 2,300 Newmont Nevada employees pledged $1.095 million to be deducted from their 2015 paychecks to assist approximately 175 nonprofits and community organizations across northern Nevada next year. Newmont will match these donations dollar for dollar, producing a grand total of $2.19 million that will be distributed quarterly to the employee-specified groups and programs.

The Legacy Fund campaign has experienced significant growth over the past five years, beginning in 2011 with 54 percent of Newmont Nevada employees donating a total of $650,000. Today, Newmont celebrates the third year in a row that 70 percent or more of their employees have participated in the campaign and generated more than $2 million for northern Nevada communities. “Newmont employees are the driving force that makes the Legacy Fund so successful,” said Tom Kerr, Newmont’s North America Regional Senior Vice President. “At Newmont, giving is ingrained in our culture, as evidenced by our people’s generous contributions of money, time, energy and talents to the health and vitality of our northern Nevada communities. Newmont and our employees have much to be proud of in achieving this remarkable milestone. It truly is cause for celebration.”

The Newmont Legacy Fund program encompasses a direct, employee giving campaign, a community contributions program and a community endowment fund to assist in meeting future community social service needs. The employee giving portion of the program allows Newmont employees to allocate their personal contributions to non-profit organizations that meet the social service needs in local communities. “This has been a critical aspect of the program, as people want to direct their personal donations to organizations that support programs and services that are important to them,” said Mary Korpi, Director of External Relations for Newmont’s Nevada operations. “Newmont proudly partners with our employees and provides a 100 percent match of all donations,” she said, emphasizing that all of the money contributed through the fund goes to the designated nonprofit community organizations and social service programs, with Newmont covering all overhead and administrative costs separately.

“The impact of our employees’ generosity is incalculable, and the statistics don’t even begin to tell the whole story,” said Korpi. “This year, we also celebrate the growth of our Endowment Fund beyond the $1 million mark. We are confident that our employees will continue to support the Endowment Fund and that it will continue to grow at approximately $250,000 per year.” The premise behind the Endowment Fund is to help support the northern Nevada communities where Newmont operates long after Newmont is gone. Newmont has been in Nevada more than 50 years, and this endowment fund represents the Legacy that Newmont will leave in their host communities.

“A big heart-felt thank you goes out to all of our employees for their amazing generosity and to the team of hard-working and dedicated campaign coordinators, who continue to make the Legacy Fund a great success,” commented Tom Kerr. “Their willingness to assist others exemplifies their commitment to maintaining healthy and vibrant communities where we live and work.”