Again, Yanacocha Peacefully Defends Possession of its Land

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The Chaupe family insists on disregarding an express court order and trespassing on land located beyond the conflict area.

Today, Yanacocha peacefully defended again its right of possession after the Chaupe family trespassed again on its property. This is the second time that the Chaupe family trespasses on Yanacocha’s property despite the existence of an Injunctive Relief which clearly states that the Chaupe family cannot enter or trespass on land located beyond the current conflict area.

This time the Chaupe family ploughed up a new land parcel (similar to the one it ploughed up three weeks ago and resulted in the family’s eviction by Yanacocha) located within Yanacocha’s property. Today, at around 10:00 a.m., Yanacocha employees removed the crops planted on the new land parcel.

This is the FIFTH time that Yanacocha has been obliged to peacefully defend its right of possession of its property. On two occasions, the Chaupe family has openly disregarded the Injunctive Relief issued by the Court of Mixed Jurisdiction of Celendín, which ordered the Chaupe family not to perform “any act which may disturb Yanacocha’s right of possession of its property”, located between Cerro Cocañes and the Perol lake, in the district of Sorochuco, which is currently the subject matter of a court proceeding.

Yanacocha reiterates its surprise at the Chaupe family’s new attempt to disregard a court order. However, the company reaffirms its commitment to find a solution by holding talks and showing respect for private property.

Cajamarca, August 11, 2015