Once Again, Yanacocha Peacefully Defends Possession in Tragadero Grande


Despite the existence of an Injunction ordering the Chaupe family not to invade properties beyond the litigation area, they again invaded Yanacocha property. 

Today, Yanacocha was forced to once again exercise a peaceful defense of possession of its property against a new invasion by the Chaupe family. This invasion occurred despite the fact that two weeks ago the company and the family were served with an Injunction clearly specifying that it cannot enter or invade land beyond the area being contested at this time.

The Resolution in which the Court for Criminal and Civil Matters of Celendín grants this Injunction to Yanacocha, orders the spouses Jaime Chaupe and Maxima Acuña, and their daughter Ysidora Chaupe Acuña, not to engage in "acts that disturb the possession of the premises" located between Cerro Cocanes and the Perol lake, in the District of Sorochuco which is currently under litigation.

However, on Friday, July 10, it was verified that a plot was being plowed within the premises to which the Injunction applies, in open contempt to the orders issued by the authorities. Faced with this situation, Yanacocha employees proceeded today to remove the existing crops and to grade the field that had been plowed with a tractor.

This new invasion took place in an area very near to the place where the family already had attempted to erect new structures in the months of February, April and May (at approximately 200 meters from the house they currently occupy), which Yanacocha peacefully removed in due course.

It is astonishing that the family is seeking to ignore a court order that clearly specifies that it cannot invade the premises mentioned in the Injunction, so the company reiterates its commitment to find a solution based on dialogue and respect for property.