Full Potential


Payload improvement, hauling efficiency and process equipment reliability are among the recent Full Potential initiatives to deliver results for Newmont.

The Full Potential Program is all about identifying and delivering business improvement opportunities across the operational and support areas. These initiatives focus on improvements in key production areas, productivity and unit costs that can enhance our operational excellence and deliver improved levels of operating cash flow.

The Truck Payload and Cycle Time Improvement projects have underpinned Newmont Tanami Operations’ improved underground mining performance over the past six months, which has exceeded its initial Full Potential target measures in terms of TKM’s (tonnes kilometre) and the value associated with generating extra ore tonnes through increased gold production.

The Truck Payload Improvement Project has delivered an improvement of 58.6 tonnes per load on average in the year to date, exceeding the original goal of 57 tonnes. The project, which aimed to reduce load variation and develop greater consistency across all three crews, has produced a 6.2 per cent productivity gain.

The Cycle Time Improvement project worked by decreasing the overall cycle time of the underground trucking fleet to maximise productivity. Using structured Six Sigma methodologies and process improvement tools, Project Lead Lorna Brenmer reduced the average ore cycle time from 2.21 to 2.12 hours and increased the overall underground truck efficiency by optimising fleet management.

Tanami Mine Manager Tim Hewitt said the project dug deeply into the information collected in Pitram on a daily basis.

“Analysis of this and the involvement of the miners on the ground and their supervisors have resulted in great improvements,” Tim said. “Not only have we achieved improvement in the truck cycle time, it has brought us a clearer picture of what the key pieces of information we need to focus on in Mine Control.”

The Cycle Time Improvement project also identified to independent projects, Mine Control Centre upgrade and creation of a Workshop ‘pit-stop’ for refuel, daily service, crib and hot seating, for Tanami to take a step-change in operational performance and efficiency.

The Hauling Efficiency project is well underway at the Boddington Gold Mine where Mines Operations Greenbelt projects leader Lisa Mirtsopoulos is targeting a 9 per cent increase in tonnes trucked by reducing travel time over the haul cycle.

“Hauling efficiency is a critical component of mine operating performance,” Lisa said.

The initiative aims to lift annualized truck productivity from 7,975 to 8,704 Tonnes Equivalent Flat Haul per hour (TEFH) by the end of 2015. This will be achieved by improving road conditions to limit the times gear restrictions are in place; upgrading intersections to avoid bottlenecks; ensuring consistent gradient to maintain consistent truck speeds; designing for optimum cornering speeds; and identifying and addressing root causes for underpowered trucks.

Another exciting Full Potential initiative is the improvements in equipment reliability in the process plant, which has been headed up by Newmont Senior Reliability Engineer Pulkit Patel. Full Potential

Lorna receiving her Black Belt Certification from left; Nick Mosenthal, Operations Manager, Tim Hewitt, Mine Manager, Lorna Bremner and Francois Hardy, General Manager.