Yanacocha Exercised Peaceful Defense of Possession


The Chaupe family carried out illegal planting on land owned by Yanacocha.

This morning Yanacocha, exercising its right to defend possession, proceeded to remove a plantation of approximately 400 square meters, located outside the land illegally occupied by the Chaupe family since 2011. This new invasion was detected last January 19, which motivated Yanacocha, protected by law, to peacefully remove the plantation, protecting at all times the physical integrity and the rights of the Chaupe family members.

It is important to recall that the land where the illegal plantation was located is the subject matter of an injunction granted by the Court for Civil and Criminal Matters of Celendin by virtue of which the Chaupe family is prevented from disturbing Yanacocha property. This confirms that the activity carried out today strictly complies with the law.

Yanacocha reiterates its intention and its petition to find a satisfactory solution through dialogue. This solution should be reached within the framework of the law, in coordination between the parties directly involved, and without third-party agendas or interests. Notwithstanding, the company informs that it will continue peacefully enforcing its ownership, preventing new invasions.