New Illegal Building Erected By The Chaupe Family Obliges Yanacocha To Remove It Peacefully

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Without confrontation, company employees safely removed for the third time this year a new building erected by the Chaupe family on Yanacocha’s land.


Yanacocha removed this afternoon a new building erected by the Chaupe family outside of the area currently occupied by the family, which is still the subject matter of a court proceeding. This new building was removed peacefully, without the support of the National Police, and without any confrontation or violence.

In mid-May, the Chaupe family built again a precarious 2x3 room, in addition to the two other rooms that it built in February and April, which were also peacefully removed by Yanacocha in a timely fashion. As in the previous cases, this new building was erected approximately 200 meters away from the house currently occupied by the Chaupe family.

In the light of this new intrusion, Yanacocha expressed again its concern to the Chaupe family and even warned the public opinion about this act which keeps the conflict latent, hindering the start of the dialogue proposed by the company.

Yanacocha removed the building safeguarded by company security guards, who did not carry any type of weapon. There was no representative from the Public Prosecutor’s office in view that defending its right of possession within a term of 15 days is an act which can be lawfully performed by any aggrieved person or entity.

Yanacocha has responded in a lawful and peaceful manner to defend its property rights which are duly registered with the Pubic Registry Office. We should recall that the Chaupe family has not been authorized by any court to expand its buildings or erect new buildings on company land.

The goods removed from this new building (corrugated iron sheets) will be delivered to the competent authority, as part of the process lawfully followed by the company to defend its right of possession.

Yanacocha urges the Chaupe family to engage in talks with the company and reiterates its commitment to find a solution based on dialogue and respect for property rights.

Cajamarca, May 22, 2015