Yanacocha Update on Canal Quishuar

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  • On Thursday, May 14, Yanacocha met with 26 Quishuar Canal users to discuss alleged impacts to their rights to use water from the Encajon ravine.
  • Despite the attack by some users against members of the national police who were protecting the offices at Los Eucaliptos, which even required the presence of prosecutor Sandra Bringas, the topics on the agenda to initiate dialogue were finally established.
  • These topics on agenda, however, have been dismissed by the same users of the Quishuar Canal during a meeting held on Saturday May 16 in the Aliso Colorado hamlet, which was led by Mr. Francisco Rojas Chilón, President of the canal.
  • At this meeting it was decided not to accept any document of Yanacocha and hold a march tomorrow, Tuesday 19, to Tajo La Quinua
  • Yanacocha has not interfered with any right to use water from the Encajon ravine. For several years now, the company has been delivering water at the ravine, keeping the flows identified in Environmental Impact Assessments for the area. The quality and quantity thereof are regularly monitored by the Participative Canal Monitoring Committee (COMOCA), of which the Quishuar canal forms part.
  • It is worth noting that the demands of the users of the Quishuar Canal are mainly aimed at requiring contractual opportunities for companies of that community. With respect to this demand, Yanacocha has pointed out that contractual opportunities will be awarded to the extent that new projects are developed and following tender proceedings.
  • Yanacocha reiterates its willingness to maintain an ongoing dialogue on the agenda topics agreed at the May 14 meeting , always in favor of the social peace of Cajamarca. It points out, once again, that will not accept to be pressed to give concessions through acts of force against its employees and contractors or its facilities.

    Cajamarca, May 18, 2015