Expert Report Confirmation on Chaupe Land Case – April 19, 2017


Expert report was issued out at the order of the Court for Civil and Criminal Matters of Celendín, as part of one of the civil actions between the company and the Chaupe family.

An expert report concluded that the location of the premises referred to in the certificate of possession of the Chaupe family cannot be determined on a technical or scientific basis. The report also states that the family has been engaged in acts that impair the possession by Yanacocha of a plot of land located south of the area currently occupied by the family.

This official expert’s report - requested by the Court for Civil and Criminal Matters of Celendín - is part of one of the two civil actions that Yanacocha maintains with the Chaupe family, due to continuous attempts of the family to expand towards the south of the area currently occupied. The report's findings reflect that more than 10 possessory defenses carried out peacefully by the company in the past two years have been made within the framework of the law.

In addition, the conclusions of the report highlight that the area and perimeters verified by the experts coincide with Yanacocha’s title deed. It also concludes that the possession of the land is exercised by Yanacocha, that there are no possessory acts by the Chaupe family, and that in the court docket there are no public or official documents backing the verbal version of the family on the actual location of the land they claim as theirs.

Yanacocha will maintain its dialogue position, its permanent respect of what the law determines and its decision to enforce its rights peacefully when necessary.

Cajamarca, April 19, 2017
Communications Office