Explanation of Protesters on Private Property



 A group of protesters knocked down 400 meters of fence and took materials that are part of a livestock development project sponsored by the Conga project.

Today, at approximately three in the afternoon, a group of approximately 130 anti-mining protesters entered Yanacocha property, knocked down approximately 400 meters of a fence and took part of these materials, which are part of an alpacas breeding project that the company has been promoting in Chugurmayo hamlet .

This is the second time that an anti-mining group attacks the structures of this project. Two months ago, demonstrators burned one of the pens, whose sole function is to shelter the alpacas at night. This time, besides knocking down the fence of two grazing fields, they also stole wires, poles, stakes and geomesh.

It is important to remember that after the burning of the first pen, two months ago, some anti-mining spokesmen accused the company of "self-sabotage" and burning its own pens, which is absolutely false. We alert the population about the possibility of an attempt to blame the company again for this event, which we hope will be clarified by the relevant authorities. 

Today's raid of Conga project property again confirmed that no mining-related work is being carried in project property since November 2011.

Yanacocha states its rejection against this kind of criminal acts that apparently seek to provoke the security forces and regain space already lost in the media.