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Newmont’s People Are Building the Future through Smart Mine Research and Development

This is the second of four posts in a series on Strategic Mine Planning at Newmont.

“Newmont has supported specific university research and incorporated parts of it into our Smart Mine innovation platform,” says Larry Allen, Newmont’s Senior Director of Resource Estimation Technology.

Larry is one of many people partnering with academic and industry experts to develop proprietary tools – and to drive the Smart Mine vision at Newmont. He leads five teams, including four regional resource modeling groups and a mine optimization team based in Denver. Together, they’re focused on “advanced analytical methods to make better decisions.”

In 2006, Newmont teamed up with McGill University, in Montreal, to launch the COSMO Laboratory – a global consortium dedicated to advancing the mine of the future. State-of-the-art optimization work includes research in stochastic mine planning – an approach that considers all the possible representations of the deposit (consistent with the data and geological interpretation) to account for uncertainty and risk in the mine optimization process.

“Research and development insights, as well as collaboration with specific mining industry experts, are guiding Newmont’s Smart Mine platform,” Larry explains. For example, Newmont’s collaboration with Maptek resulted in an improved approach for open pit ore control polygon optimization. This is in the process of being implemented at several operations across Newmont.

Other research from the University of Alberta’s Centre for Computational Geostatistics and the Colorado School of Mines is helping Newmont advance geostatistical and optimization methods in other ways. As part of the larger Smart Mine plan, advanced geostatistics and optimization technology will factor in mine planning decisions.

The goal of Smart Mine is to maximize use of real-time production and resource data to optimally mine and process ore.