Newmont Legends Inducted into Mining Hall of Fame

On Saturday, September 23, Newmont’s CEO, Gary Goldberg, hosted the 30th Annual National Mining Hall of Fame (NMHF) Induction Banquet honoring leaders in the mining and metals industry.

The inductees are chosen by the NMHF’s Board of Governors for outstanding contributions to mining, such as excellence in environmental stewardship, mineral policy, mining education, research, development, design and planning.


Among those inducted into the Hall of Fame this year were two Newmont legends: Len Harris, former President and General Manager of Newmont Peru, and Gordon R. Parker, former Chairman and CEO of Newmont.

Gordon R. Parker, a champion for equitable legislation governing U.S. mineral development, helped found the World Gold Council and revitalize the National Mining Association. While CEO of Newmont, Parker was instrumental in preserving the Company’s independence against multiple takeover attempts throughout the 1980s.

Len Harris, another Newmont legend, was a pioneer in corporate social responsibility and helped to create a number of community programs and initiatives that continue to support families living in and around our operations in Peru.

NMHF Board of Directors Chairman Frank McAllister said, “We are delighted to honor those selected for induction this year into the National Mining Hall of Fame. Their contributions to the mining industry are immense, their legacies are wide-ranging and their profiles exhibit the diversity of talents necessary in our great industry.”

Congratulations to all those recognized for your leadership and commitment to making our industry safer and stronger.