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Newmont Goldcorp | Core Principles Keep the Focus on Value and Viability in Australia

Newmont Goldcorp’s Full Potential1 continuous improvement program has delivered more than $2 billion in benefits to our global portfolio since 2013. In Australia, Full Potential has eliminated mill constraints and extended mine life with increases in gold Reserves and Resources.

Here are some Full Potential highlights from the Boddington and Tanami mines:

This video may contain forward-looking statements. Please reference the Cautionary Statement on page 2 of our investor presentation.

1 Full Potential: Full Potential cost savings or improvements as used in this video and blog post are considered operating measures provided for illustrative purposes, and should not be considered GAAP or non-GAAP financial measures. Full Potential amounts are estimates utilized by management that represent estimated cumulative incremental value realized as a result of Full Potential projects implemented and are based upon both cost savings and efficiencies that have been monetized for purposes of the estimation. Because Full Potential savings/improvements estimates reflect differences between certain actual costs incurred and management estimates of costs that would have been incurred in the absence of the Full Potential program, such estimates are necessarily imprecise and are based on numerous judgments and assumptions.