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Newmont CEO Joins Leaders in Advocating for More Women on Boards

Last week, Colorado’s General Assembly passed a resolution calling for equitable and diverse gender representation on the boards of publicly held corporations headquartered in Colorado. Newmont’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Gary Goldberg, joined government and business leaders for an International Women’s Day breakfast at the Colorado State Capital to help launch the non-binding resolution.

Along with Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne, Speaker Cristanta Duran and Co-Chair of the Women’s Corporate Directors and CoBiz Financial independent board director, Mary Beth Vital, Gary addressed breakfast attendees, making the case for improving female representation on the boards of publicly traded companies headquartered in Colorado by 50 percent in 2018.

“The case for better gender balance on boards is clear: companies with three or more women directors deliver better business results, demonstrate stronger governance and teamwork, and have a competitive edge in recruiting top talent. It’s hard to imagine any team succeeding if every player brought the same skills to the field, and it’s no different for business.”

In 2015, we refreshed our global inclusion and diversity strategy to focus on creating an environment where every employee has the opportunity to contribute, develop and work together to deliver our strategy.

More recently, Newmont made a commitment to Paradigm for Parity, a framework developed by business leaders to promote gender equality in the workplace. Specific commitments include minimizing unconscious bias; setting and reporting on targets to improve gender diversity; and creating the culture and support systems that allow women and men to advance their careers based on their performance.

Our aim is to create an inclusive workforce where individuals feel empowered to share their unique thoughts, are valued and respected, and work together with others to create a safer and stronger business.