Nevada Mining Association and Newmont host Nevada International Women’s Forum Group

This past summer, Newmont Nevada partnered with the Nevada Mining Association (NvMA) to host members of the Nevada International Women’s Forum (IWF). The group, whose members are primarily from Reno and Las Vegas, took in two days of touring and networking activities in northeastern Nevada.

Founded in 1982, the IWF is committed to bettering female global leadership and cultivating women leaders. The Nevada forum of IWF provides a platform for women leaders from all industries to share their experiences and maximize opportunities to propel their influence in Nevada.

The group started their tour by meeting with women business leaders from the Battle Mountain and Winnemucca communities. From there, the ladies toured our Phoenix mine operations, where former Nevada Supreme Court Justice Miriam Shearing (the state’s first woman to serve in that office) helped blast technician Paul Pacheco detonate the day’s blast in the Phoenix pit.

On day two of their visit, the group attended a networking event with several of Elko County’s female business leaders, including local-government representatives and current and former elected officials. Keynote speaker Betty Gibbs (Executive Director of the Mining and Metallurgical Society of America) discussed the many changes she has seen in mining over the decades.

Betty, who has been a true pioneer in the industry, remembered that when she first decided to go to school for engineering, she was told that the only job she could expect to get in the mining industry was as a secretary for a mining executive. Betty shattered that notion by eventually becoming the first woman to work underground at the Climax Molybdenum mine in Colorado. She stressed that although being a woman in the mining industry wasn’t always easy, her personal attitude helped her discourage any discrimination. “I just paid attention to…‘let’s do the work,…this needs to be done,…let’s do it,’” she explained.

The IWF group closed out their visit to the heart of Nevada’s “gold country” with anecdote-inspiring tours of Newmont’s Leeville and Exodus underground mine operations.

To hear more about the International Women’s Forum trip, check out this article from the Elko Daily Free Press: