How Newmont Built a Legacy in Telluride

Celebrating a Rich History of Reclamation and Partnership at the Idarado Mine

Our connection to Telluride, Colorado, dates back more than 75 years. Newmont first came to the area in 1939 and began consolidating some of the most fabled mines in the region into the Idarado Mining Company – the largest mine operation ever to exist in the San Juan Mountains. Learn more below about the early days of the Idarado Mine in The Mine Next Door, a 10-part series from The Telluride Daily Planet.

The Pandora Site – A Joseph E. Byers photo from 1903 showing three of the mills formerly located at the east end of the Telluride Valley. From left to right are the Pandora Mill, Smuggler-Union Cyanide Mill, and Smuggler-Union Red Mill.

Part 1 – The Mine Next Door: A 10-part series about the Idarado Mine

Getting to know the Idarado Mine is a little bit like that poem about the blind men and the elephant. Depending on which (…)

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Bill Mahoney entering a mill-level tunnel on a mine bicycle

Part 2 – Miles of Tunnels: A brief history of the Idarado Mine

The history of the Idarado Mine is as long as the tunnels and as rich as the ore veins that riddle its guts. Its stories are (…)

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