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FAQs on Digital Technology and Strategic Mine Planning at Newmont

This is the second of three in a series on mining technology and innovation.

QWhat does strategic mine planning mean at Newmont?

AStrategic mine planning is the process where mining activities are integrated and aligned with Newmont’s business strategy. Among the most important steps in planning is deciding when and at what rate a resource should be mined and processed. Choosing this “spatial sequence” requires cross-functional engagement across all departments with consideration of all aspects of the mine lifecycle. With help from technology, we can make this complex, non-linear decision in the most informed way possible.

Strategic Mine Planning

QHow does technology support Newmont’s mine planning?

ATechnology makes it easier to visualize results of exploration and development drilling, geological models, grade models and topography. Take, for example, Maptek’s Vulcan Stope Optimiser, a software system that delivers full 3-D capabilities on stope shape generation and block model analysis without manual digitizing. Used at our Tanami operation, Vulcan delivers an improved approach for open pit ore control polygon optimization and helps reduce design time by roughly 98%.1 Virtual reality is another technology helping us make smarter decisions faster. Paraview software – an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application – delivers 2-D data maps at a 3-D scale, helping engineers and technicians envision geology models with greater precision. With virtual reality, we are better equipped to identify potential problem areas and make smarter planning decisions.

  1. Sourced from a case study by Maptek

QWhat role do Newmont’s teams play in the Company’s strategy for adopting technology and digitalization?

AIt takes a team to realize the full value of mineral resources, and people are fundamental to successful deployment of technology at Newmont. Optimum strategic mine planning is both iterative and cross-functional, but it is our people who make the difference. Effective mine planning is a four-pronged approach involving people, experience, tools and processes. Newmont’s employees recognize opportunities for improvement and apply their knowledge in sourcing, testing and executing the best solutions. It is only through input and collaboration from across our organization that we can harness and adapt fit-for-purpose technologies to advance strategic mine planning.

Key elements to success

QHow does Newmont decide on which technologies to invest in?

AAs with any investment we make, we start by asking, “Does it add value or reduce risk to the business?” To help us answer this question, we partner with academic and industry experts to develop, source and test tools for driving mine optimization. Only after rigorous trials result in proven value creation can teams then consider a wider rollout across sites. One example of Newmont’s technology research and development work is our partnership with Montreal’s McGill University to launch the COSMO Laboratory – a global consortium dedicated to advancing the mine of the future.

Path to consistent and integrated mining technology solutions