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Enhancing Our Approach to Ethics, Integrity and Human Rights

Two of our values at Newmont are integrity and responsibility. To us, integrity means behaving ethically and respecting the customs, cultures and laws wherever we operate. Responsibility involves delivering on our commitments, demonstrating leadership, speaking up and challenging the status quo. Strong governance, in combination with living our core values, is essential to earning the trust of our stakeholders while creating shared value.

Here are some ways that strong governance has enhanced our approach to ethics, integrity and human rights:

Ethical Conduct

Along with our global ethics and compliance program for employees and third-party providers, we’re also committed to fighting corruption through cross-industry collaborative efforts. We do this through regional networks that have a focus on anti-corruption, like the Alliance for Integrity Dialogue in Ghana and the American Chamber of Commerce in Peru. Learn more about our actions on ethics in 2018: Providing Leadership in the Fight Against Corruption.

Human Rights

Taking an integrated approach to assessing the social, environmental and health impacts of our operations enables us to comprehensively identify and address potential human rights issues. Our approach, built on the lessons of previous studies, resulted in a public consultation and disclosure plan for a proposed expansion of our Merian operation in Suriname, which went well beyond regulatory requirements. Read more about what happened: Lessons Learned Improve Understanding of Human Rights Risk.

Risk Management

You might not think a bow tie would be helpful in a risk assessment process, but we’ve been using the “bow tie” method since 2015 to focus on identifying the key controls that are most effective at reducing the risk of a catastrophic event. This method allows key frontline people and site leadership to identify potential causes and consequences of a risk scenario. Learn more about bow tie assessments: How “Bow Ties” Sharpen Our Focus on the Controls That Matter Most.