Empowering our Host Communities While Partnering with Local Foundations and Non-profits

As part of an ongoing series, Our Voice blog will introduce you to some of the participants of Yanacocha’s community investment programs and share their stories of growth and self-determined development.

Meet Rosa Zambrano Ducos. She lives with her husband and two children in the small town of Porcon Alto, Cajamarca. Once struggling to provide for her family, Rosa now lives a productive life as a dairy farmer, thanks to her involvement in Yanacocha’s Livestock Development initiative.

Along with investments in infrastructure, the program provides technical agricultural training to residents across Peru. Dairy production, in particular, has seen great progress, with sales increasing the local participating families’ income by more than 25 percent.

Since joining the program, Rosa has learned about animal nutrition, milk quality control, pasture management, and marketing techniques. “Before, my children had no milk,” she says. “I didn’t know anything about agriculture. I’m very grateful for the project.”

Below is a video on Rosa’s achievements with the Livestock Development initiative.

Learn more about our commitment to community investment by visiting our annual sustainability report, Beyond the Mine, and stay tuned to Our Voice to meet more beneficiaries of Yanacocha’s development programs.