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At Newmont, Local Strategic Mine Planning Has a Global Impact

This is the last of four posts in a series on Strategic Mine Planning at Newmont.

When Alyson Boye and the Africa regional mine planning team ran into ore optimization challenges last year, they sought support from colleagues in North America. Borrowing Nevada’s proven in-house optimization software, Alyson and her team began using site-specific applications of the proprietary technology to “make informed decisions and develop better strategic plans.”

Sharing technology platforms is just one of many ways Newmont tackles mining complexities through optimization. “Teamwork is another fundamental aspect,” says Alyson, Director of Regional Operations Planning for Newmont Africa. “Cross-functional collaboration expedites strategic mine planning and helps us obtain necessary inputs, experience and tools for successful deployments.”

Alyson sees strategic mine planning as a four-pronged approach. Done well, it must involve people, experience, tools and process. “I talk with people from all departments to leverage their experiences when synthesizing information,” she explains.

She adds that successful planning is as much about functional relationships as it is about software and technology. And the tools developed by Newmont’s industry-leading experts have proven their ability to solve complex, non-linear problems in unexpected ways.

“Strategic mine planning pushes us to plan for years and decades. Technology is helping us do that better.”
– Alyson Boye, Director, Regional Operations Planning, Newmont Africa

In fact, cross-functional and cross-regional use of proprietary solutions makes it easier for the Newmont team to maximize value simultaneously. “Our goal is to understand how the business functions in different macro-economic scenarios and how we can manage risks to deliver sustainable, long-term value,” Alyson says. “By sharing cutting-edge tools, we are better positioned to reveal tangible opportunities across our portfolio.”

Alyson and her team have shown that harnessing and adapting fit-for-purpose technologies can enhance productivity and sustainability well into the future. Whether it’s one of her colleagues in Africa, or one around the world, everyone can use the latest tools and thinking to help advance Newmont’s strategic mine planning.