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6 Ways Newmont Is Leveraging Mining Digitalization

This is the first of three in a series on mining technology and innovation.

Technology is only as powerful as the people using it. Thanks to the ingenuity and determination of Newmont’s operators, maintainers and engineers, we’ve started unlocking the value of digital transformation across our operations. Here are six of the ways this has been achieved.


Teams at our Akyem operation in Ghana implemented the Reduce Equipment Delays initiative, which cut downtime at the site by 20% for shovels, 22% for trucks and 30% for drills. This led to improved equipment usage and productivity, with the year-to-date value creation in 2018 now at $300,000 over target.


Employees at our Cripple Creek & Victor mine in Colorado executed a haulage optimization project that saved an average of 40% in truck travel time during a major road rebuilding.


Newmont’s Metallurgical Services (NMS) team is expanding mineralogy capabilities through laser ablation – a technology that provides enhanced detail to mineral and metal traits. Not only does this approach significantly reduce the wait time for results, laser ablation reduces the cost of sample processing by 75% compared with traditional third-party laboratories.


Testing of an alternative approach to flotation by NMS saw an 8%–12% ore recovery gain at Carlin’s Mill 5.


The Carlin team in Nevada was the first to test Caterpillar’s Driver Safety System during a trial that saw fatigue and distraction events decline by 87% and 68%, respectively.


At Boddington in Australia, Full Potential initiatives have provided steady improvement in gold recovery and throughput. Screen upgrades in the leach tanks, for example, have reduced bottlenecks in the processing plants.